Leadership at LSP


Peter Sorger, PhD
Co-Director, Harvard-MIT Center for Regulatory Science
Otto Krayer Professor of Systems Pharmacology, Harvard Medical School
Director, Harvard Program in Therapeutic Science
Peter Sorger, PhD is the Otto Krayer Professor of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School, Head of HiTS and Director of its Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology. Dr. Sorger’s research focuses on the systems biology of signal transduction networks controlling cell proliferation and death, the dysregulation of these networks in cancer and inflammatory diseases and the mechanisms of action of therapeutic drugs targeting signaling proteins, and he directs multi-disciplinary research in the LSP that uses mathematical and experimental approaches to develop and apply new concepts in drug discovery. Dr. Sorger received his AB from Harvard College, PhD from Trinity College, Cambridge University U.K., under the supervision of Hugh Pelham and trained as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, San Francisco with Harold Varmus and Andrew Murray. Prior to founding HiTS, Dr. Sorger served as a Professor of Biology and Biological Engineering at MIT and cofounded Merrimack Pharmaceuticals and Glencoe Software.
Laura Maliszewski, PhD
Executive Director of the Harvard Program in Therapeutic Science
Co-Director of the Harvard-MIT Center for Regulatory Science
Senior Director of the Blavatnik Harvard Life Lab
Laura Maliszewski, PhD oversees the research, education and outreach activities of the Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology which combines computational modeling and precise measurement to understand drug action in humans. Prior to joining HMS, Dr. Maliszewski was an Officer in the Science and Innovation Network of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, developing a broad portfolio of research collaborations in regenerative medicine, health economics and stratified medicine. She is responsible for the strategic alliance of the UK Stem Cell Bank with the Massachusetts Human Stem Cell Bank and Registry, and contributed to the development of the UK Catapult Centers for technology development.
Catherine Luria, PhD
Director of Research
As Director of Research, Catherine Luria, PhD oversees HiTS sponsored research programs and works to establish new partnerships with research institutes, private industry, and federal agencies. Dr. Luria helps drive the HiTS strategic vision and is a strong champion for data FAIRness and research reproducibility, leading initiatives to optimize workflows and dissemination of research products. Prior to joining HiTS, Dr. Luria completed her doctoral studies in microbial ecology at Brown University.

Research Interests: Research rigor and reproducibility, Pain and pain management
Sandro Santagata, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School
Associate Pathologist in Neuropathology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Sandro Santagata, MD, PhD is an Associate Professor in the Deptartment of Pathology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He practices neuropathology focusing on brain tumor diagnosis. Dr. Santagata directs the development and implementation of methods to image cancer tissues, extracting molecular information that sheds light on how cancers form and then develop aggressive features. Over the next years, we will use these new methods to build a richer understanding of the biology of cancer and immune cells in their native setting.
Cheryl Hutt, MBA, SHRM-SCP
Director of Administration and Finance

Research Management

Alyce Chen, PhD
Scientific Program Manager
Research Interests: Cancer initiation and progression, Science communication, CyCIF program and award management
Crystal Chiu, BA
Clinical Research Coordinator
Other Lab Affiliations: Santagata Lab (BWH), DFCI
Sarah Arena, MLIS
Data Manager
Research Interests: Open Access and Open Science, Research rigor and reproducibility, Metadata and ontologies
Allison Maier, MLIS
Data Curator
Research Interests: Metadata and ontologies, Information organization, Workflow improvement
Juliann Tefft, PhD
Scientific Communication Fellow
Research Interests: Inclusive science communication, Scientific storytelling and illustration, All things biological
Han Xu, PhD
Education Fellow in Therapeutic Science
Other Lab Affiliations: Sorger Lab (HMS)
Research Interests: Evidence-based pedagogy, Quantitative methods training, Science outreach