We are reinventing the fundamental science underlying the development of new medicines and their use in individual patients.

The Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology (LSP) uses a team science approach to advance the fundamental science and technology needed to develop new medicines and personalized patient care.

We study the molecular causes of disease, how drugs exert their therapeutic and adverse effects, how clinical trials are designed and interpreted, and how machine learning and AI can help identify new molecular targets in diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, tuberculosis, and chronic pain. 


The LSP is a research and education program that is part of the Harvard Program in Therapeutic Science (HiTS). Our organization prepares students and fellows for leadership roles in academic research, industry, and government service.

News, Events, & Updates

LSP Social Lunch

Laboratory of Sustainable Practices” 

Wednesday, June 26  | 11:30am-1:00pm

Countway Community Garden

LSP in the News

A Step Toward New Solutions for Inflammatory Pain

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LSP in the News

Seeing the Human Behind the Data

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LSP Articles Selected for ‘Best of Cell 2023’ and ‘Nature Cancer’s 2023 in Review’

Multiplexed 3D atlas of state transitions and immune interaction in colorectal cancer,’

was selected as the Best of Cell 2023. This project led to the development of one of the first 3D human tissue atlases.


And “High-plex immunofluorescence imaging and traditional histology of the same tissue section for discovering image-based biomarkers,’

was highlighted in Nature Cancer’s 2023 in Review